Saturday, January 16, 2010

Teeny Tiny Tools from George Gross

I was talking to Kathy Flanagan one day about the tiny carving pattern that I got from Silva Fox and Kathy said maybe I needed the tiny tools that George Gross makes. I had not heard of these tools before so I had to find out about them. Kathy said that Ira Cooper of QED usually had them in his booth in Sheridan. That's funny, I usually stop by Ira's booth, but I don't remember seeing them there. Kathy said it's because they are that tiny! Well, I got a hold of Ira through Facebook and he sent me a link to a website that about George's tools, Cow Creaser The tools George makes are tiny modeling tools for the detailed kind of carving that he does. You can see some of the work George does on the website. Ira told me that George has been making 4 sizes of modeling tools but he is thinking of going to just one size. Now for the tough part, what size do I need. Ira helped me out there too. He said he could send me all 4 and I could keep the ones I wanted and send the others back. I knew right away that once I had all four sizes in my hand I wouldn't want to send them back and Ira admitted that was his devious little plan. I received these tools earlier this week in the mail and I haven't had a chance to play with them much but I am looking forward to it. As soon as I get the mountain lion done, I want to get back to work on the tiny horses and I think these are going to really help with that project. The sizes of these tools are 3/32 (small) .066 (smaller) .039 (teeny tiny) and .024 (microscopic).

Last week I was going through some old leather craft magazines and I happened across a couple articles by George Gross. They were in the March/April and the May/June 1992 issues of the Leather Crafters Journal. There is also an article in there where George tells you how he makes his tiny modeling tools if you are into doing it yourself. If you would rather just buy them ready made like I did they have their contact info at the bottom of the Cow Creaser website.

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