Friday, January 1, 2010

Back to something I'm comfortable with

Because of Christmas, and the weather the last couple weeks, I haven't been working. Usually that means I get to spend some time carving leather. But thanks to the snow storm on Christmas eve, I got to spend the next couple days pushing snow trying to open up our road, and then several days after that repairing the loader on my tractor. Add to that playing the Maytag repairman with our dryer, and before that replacing the pressure tank in our water well. Seems like when ever I start working on any repair job it's never just something simple. I'm always missing one more bolt or tool or I didn't realize the pulley on the dryer was out along with the belt. Nothing is ever simple!!!

Today I decided to take a break and carve some leather. I still haven't finished the tiny picture Silva challenged me too but I will get back to it one of these days. I know that trying things that are "out of our comfort zone" cause us to learn and grow. But today I just wanted to do something that I was more comfortable with. I have a book of patterns from Robb Barr that I've always wanted to do something out of, so I picked 2 patterns in the book and traced them. The one I have started on first is a really neat mountain lion that Jake really liked. Since it's one of Robb's patterns, it just begs to be embossed. So far I've gotten it traced to the leather, cut, beveled, embossed and filled with putty. It's hanging up to dry overnight.

Here's a few pictures of my progress so far.

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