Sunday, January 31, 2010

A really good day

This morning a power crew truck came into the yard and I asked them if that meant we were close to getting power back. They said they were hoping to have us back on today, but couldn't make any promises. It was cold and windy and miserable out. Those guys sure do earn their money. Since we still didn't have power at noon, I gathered up all the empty gas cans to take then in to fill up again.

Before I left I made a call to Jan Schoonover. I haven't talked to him since early last summer. In Sheridan last year, he called me over to his booth because he wanted to talk to me about something. He told me that he wasn't getting any younger and had been having some health problems. He said that while he still could, he'd like to show someone how he created his grizzly bear that is embossed 6 inches off the leather and he'd like it to be me that he shows. WOW! I love that piece and I'd love to know how he did it. Well, it didn't work out for us to get together any time last year. Last week my boss told me that he was going to take a vacation in March for 8-10 days. Right away I thought I needed to call Jan and see if that would work out for him. When I called him today he said "I've been trying to call you all week". Our phones were out for almost as long as the power was. When I asked what he was calling about, he said " we're moved into our new house now and Alice is recovering from her surgeries and I thought maybe we could get together in March to do that bear". It's kind of amazing how all these things are coming together. I am pretty excited. I really want to do this and now it looks like it is going to happen!

After talking to Jan I went into town and filled up the gas cans. Stacy decided we should go someplace to get something good to eat. We ended up going to Applebees and having a good steak. After that we headed for home. First thing I do when I got home is go to start the generator to get some heat in the house. Right away I see a red light shining in the meter on the pole. I haven't seen that in a while so I flipped up the switch and the yard light came on. We have power again!!!! Things are looking up around here.

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