Sunday, January 24, 2010

January in ND

This past week started out with fog, fog and more fog. It was really pretty as the frost stuck to everything. The trees had frost hanging off of them several inches long. But frost on power lines isn't so pretty. By Wednesday when I left for work, the lines we coated with frost and ice about 2 inches thick. The lines were starting to sag a LOT. Some looked like they were just 10 feet off the ground. One of the lines in our corral broke as did some other lines and the power to the house was off for about 6 hours. They got it back on but said the didn't know how long it would last. It lasted until about 6 pm on Thursday. Then lines and poles were snapping all over ND. We have been out of power ever since. No heat, lights, water. The phones went out on Friday around noon. On Saturday afternoon I brought my welder over to the house. With it's generator, we can run a little electricity, keep the freezers cold, and even watch a couple hours of TV. It's been staying between 45-50 degrees in the house which is bearable but the temps are supposed to drop a bunch the next couple days to below 0 at night. Not sure if we'll be able to stay here if that happens. They say it could take a week to 10 days to get power back up and running to everyone. That was before the storm finally hit last night. Today we got several inches new snow and winds around 40 mph. There are 4 foot or deeper snow drifts where we go out of the yard, and I don't know what the roads are like. I guess I'll find out tomorrow when the wind is supposed to quiet down. It could be a really interesting week!!!

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