Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mountain lion progress

I had a pretty good day yesterday with the mountain lion despite a cold that's knocking me on my butt. This piece of leather is working great and the leather putty is doing exactly what it's supposed to do so I'm getting a lot of depth and definition. It's fun when things go like they are supposed to. I was tempted to start the hairing, but I think I can do a lot more shaping with this one and I want to take my time and get as much detail into it as I can. I could have probably finished that part but I took off a few hours in the afternoon to push snow again. The wind picked up pretty good yesterday and it wont take much blowing snow to get us blocked in here again so I'm trying to get the snow pushed back off the road as far as I can. A couple more hours in the tractor today and it should be ready for the next round.

Well, here's a few pictures of what I accomplished yesterday.

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