Saturday, January 30, 2010

9 Days and still counting

Well, we've passed 9 days now without power in January and we're surviving. We did get phone service back today. The oil wells are pumping a half mile east of us, so they are getting some of the power back on, but they are on different sub station than we are. I heard that the sub station that our power comes from was one that was having the biggest problems so it could still be awhile till we get ours back. We turn on the generator in the morning and in the evening for a few hours to warm up the house. It's been getting down to zero or a few degrees below zero at night so heat is a good thing. We can also get water to take showers, and to water the cows. We've gotten used to cooking on a camp stove or the grill. We use kerosene lanterns, candles and flashlights to find our way around in the dark. The generator wont run everything all at the same time, but it's sure made a difference.

I had a flat tire on my tractor on Thursday while pushing snow, got that fixed and back on today. Was pushing more snow today and the grapple fork fell off the tractor. Got that fixed without too much trouble. It's been an interesting couple of weeks for sure! Maybe tomorrow I can work on some leather for an hour or two. I'm close to finishing up the carving on the mountain lion picture. Kate Dubiel has accepted my offer to let her do the coloring on it. I know what ever she does to it will be great! I've still got the tiny pattern from Silva to finish, and a couple other projects in the planning stages. That's it for now, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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