Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grizzly class, week 2

Well, it's the start of week #2 on the grizzly bear with Jan. It's starting to really progress. On Monday we finished up the final stretching and filling that gives the bear his depth. Jan ended up at just a hair under 5 inches and I ended up just a hair over 4 1/2. I'm pretty happy with that. I know what I could have done to get a little more stretch and can work on that when I do another one. We started to paint some in the bear's mouth as that needed to be done before we mounted the picture on to it's backing board. Today we'll work on finishing up the hair texture on the puttied areas, and on lifting and shaping all the rest of the hair. This is something I have some experience with so I think it will be a little easier on me mentally. Here's what my bear looks like now.

I also ran over to Montana Leather yesterday at noon and stocked up on some things I'll need to do my other big project for the year, teaching Jake how to make a saddle (and making one myself) . I picked up 5 sides of saddle skirting and a can of Barge cement. That worked out well as shipping this stuff wouldn't have been cheap. I also got a couple different kinds of rubber cement to try. This bear project takes a whole gallon of rubber cement to complete and I'd like to try another when I get home. Jan always suggests doing that as a way to reinforce what he has taught, and though I normally don't do it, this time I think I need too.

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