Saturday, November 22, 2014

Two new lessons added to the Sculptured Leather Art Lesson Series

 I have added two new lessons to the Sculptured Leather Art Lesson Series. The first one is the Bighorn Ram. This is the last project I got to work on with Jan Schoonover before he passed away in January of 2012. It was kind of interesting that this was also  the subject of the first extreme embossing class I ever took from Jan back in  2004.
The other lesson that I have available is the first extreme embossing lesson that I have written without Jan. This lesson is a different version on a Bald Eagle. The idea for this lesson came out of a book that Paul Burnett suggested that I needed to add to my reference material. The book is called Birds of Prey by Floyd Scholz.  I have taught this lesson as a class several times in the past couple years.

Both of these new lessons are available from my website by following this link Badlands Leather Art
I hope to continue adding lessons to the series as time allows.

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