Monday, September 19, 2011

Australia (part two)

I seem to have run out of space in the first post so here's part two.

After the conference we had a couple more days to sight see before we headed for home. We really wanted to see kangaroos and koala bears and several people suggested we go to the Australia Zoo. So Monday morning, Les rented a car and we headed off to the zoo. We got to see a lot of interesting animals.  The kangaroo pens were very large and you could walk right up to all of them.  Stacy got to pet a kangaroo and a koala bear. Here's a few pictures of Australian wild life. Some of them might end up being patterns for future leather projects.

One of the ladies that had attended the conference had heard we were looking for things to do after the conference and invited us to spend a couple days with her and her family. After we finished up at the zoo, we drove on to her place. Liz and Duncan opened their beautiful house up to us and treated us like family.

Remember, this is WINTER in Australia!!

 The next morning, we had breakfast on the beach at Noosa.  Here we are, Les (our driver), Duncan and Liz (our hosts), me, and Stacy. The cafe we were at was right across the street from the river.
After breakfast we went on down to the beach where the river ran into the ocean.
 Here we are again on the beach at the ocean.

When we got back to Liz and Duncan's house, we picked mandarins right off the tree in the back yard. How come winter up here in the Dakotas can't be like this???

We spent a second evening with Liz (Duncan had to leave)  before heading back to the airport. The hospitality of every one in Australia was wonderful and we can't thank them enough for all they did for us. This was a trip we'll never forget and hopefully we'll have a chance to go back someday. We made so many terrific new friends!!

(There, I finally got this post done, 2 months later)


Georgie Miller said...

Hi Clay glad to see you got to see a wee bit of Australia before you flew back home, you would have had fun with Les. It's Spring now and so warm already, you would love it even more.



Miss u guys!!!