Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lesson #8 will be an African Lion

I traveled back to Billings early Friday morning to start working on lesson # 8 in our series. We're trying to vary our subjects to keep things interesting and hopefully we'll come up with something that everyone interested in trying this type of leather work will enjoy. This next lesson will be on an African Lion. I really enjoyed working on this one with Jan. One of the challenges in this project is the long, shaggy hair on the mane. It starts out with sort of a star in the center and goes out in all directions from there with varying lengths. It's some of the longest hair I've done on one of these projects. The mane is also interesting to paint with all the different shades of color. I decided to concentrate on taking notes and pictures of the coloring process while Jan was painting his, so I painted my at home today.

This project was actually one of the quickest ones to finish that we've done so far. We finished up early Saturday afternoon and I made it back home in time to go out to supper with my wife and son and then go and watch the grand march at my daughter's prom. It's hard to imagine that my little girl, my youngest child, will be graduating from high school in 2 weeks!

Jan has created a few lion pictures and they have been good sellers for him. I remember one full body lion he did a few years ago that took first place at a big fair in Montana. This is the first African lion I've finished, but I'm looking forward to trying it again in a little more relaxed setting. The top picture is Jan's. The one below is the one I did.

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