Friday, April 22, 2011

Modifying a seeder to make scales

When Jan and I worked on the Brown Trout picture in the Sculptured Leather Art lesson series, he showed me a simple modification to make a seeder tool into a "scale" tool. The seeder tool can be used as it comes by tilting the tool at an angle, but by grinding off about 1/3 of the face of the tool, it is a lot easier to. I picked up a few spare seeder tools at one of my trips to Tandy Leather Factory while I was in Billings and decided to modify them today. It was very quick and easy to do with a dremel tool and a grinding disc. I modifed three tools so I'd have a variety of scale tools to work with,   S631, S632 and S633.

This first picture shows the S633 tools as it comes from Tandy.
I used a Dremel tool with a grinding disc to file off about 1/3 of the face of the tool.

Here is how the tool looks with the modification made. Simple and quick to do, and now the tool doesn't have to be leaned on it's edge to make scales.

(below) Jan's brown trout  "scaled" with a tool similar to this one. Click on the picture to get a close up.

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