Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why buy real leather?

I know, it doesn't look all that great anymore, but I made this belt around 1980. It was the first ranger style belt I ever made. I never cared for the tooling pattern that much, and the buckle really doesn't fit, but I've been wearing it as an everyday work belt for the last 20 years or so in all the elements that mother nature can throw at it. The tooling is just about worn off in places and a couple of the stitches holding the billets on wore through about a year ago, but it still does it's job just fine. I gave it a coat of Skidmore's Leather Dressing yesterday and replaced the stitching on the billets and it's probably got several more years in it. How many of those $5 belts from Wally World are gonna hold up like that?

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