Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conversation with Bob Beard

I called Bob Beard Monday evening to order some tools that I'm going to need sometime in the future. Bob makes (in my opinion) the nicest leather tools you can get anywhere. I first met Bob when I took a class with him the first time I went to the show in Sheridan. I really like Bob's style of leather carving, and his classes are a lot of fun. Even if he didn't teach anything, it's worth going, just to hear all Bob's stories.
Bob just returned home from the 3rd annual extreme leather workshop. He's got quite a busy travel schedule planned for the coming year. That's part of the reason that he's about 13 months out on new tool orders.
Bob is going to be headed to the spring show in Michigan City, Indiana. Then he'll be off to the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show in Sheridan, WY in May. This summer he plans to do classes in LA and Washington. Later this fall Bob will be headed to the International Federation of Leather Guilds show in St Louis, MO and the Boot and Saddle Makers Roundup in Wichita Falls, TX. If you get a chance to make it to any of these events, be sure to stop by and see Bob.

During our conversation, Bob informed me that Rhea Trevino of Trevino Leathers in the Black Hills of SD had passed away last week. Stacy and I met Rhea last spring at the show in Sherdian. Rhea was a really nice guy and we spent most of an hour talking to him. He was wearing one of the really cool vests that he made at his shop. It was sad to hear that Rhea is gone, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Check out Bob Beard's website, for examples of his work, info on classes he teaches, lessons, 0r to find out more about the great leather carving tools he makes.

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