Friday, October 2, 2009

2009 IFoLG show in Indy

Last week the International Federation of Leather Guilds held it's annual show in Indianapolis. I couldn't attend the show, but Kathy Flanagan was kind enough to haul some of my work with her and enter it in the show. My 4 entries did pretty well in the show with my latest wren and my flat, uncolored elk taking first place ribbons and the wooly chaps I made last spring taking a second place ribbon.

I've only gotten to attend one of these shows in person, the 2005 show in Denver. Seeing the pictures of all of the entries, and of the people there having a great time really made me wish that I could have been there. You can see pictures of the competition pieces here. You might think the leatherwork is the best part of these shows, but it's not. It's the people!

This year they gave out a couple special awards at the show, and I can't think of any more deserving people to get them. One was the "Heart and Spirit in Leathercraft" and it went to Dave Smith. Dave is a member of Lone Star Leathercrafter's Guild. Photo by Danielle Martin

The other was called the "Pathway to Masters" . It went to my good friend Kathy Flanagan. Kathy is a member of Columbine Leather Guild. Congratulations Kathy and Dave!!!!

Photo by Rosa Zalesak

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