Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jake starts a belt

A couple days ago Jake said he needed a new belt so I took out a side of belt leather and told him to go for it. We cut out a strap long enough to make 2 belts in case he wanted to practice. He found a basketweave stamp he liked and started practicing on a left over piece of the strap. Then he went on a started on his first belt. I dug out my copy of Jeff Mosby's basketweave tutorial (you can find it here 0n the PSLAC website) It wasn't long and he had completed the first strap and had done a better job on it than I did on my first one for sure. The impressions weren't real deep and sharp so we decided to case the other strap and stick it in the fridge until he had time to work on it. Tonight he finished up the stamping on the second one and it's looking really good. I might just have to see if I can get him to make me a new belt. I hate making belts! Here's a picture of him stamping away. The cat is there for moral support I think. I'll post a picture of the belt once it's finished.

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Unknown said...

Maybe you should outsource all your belt jobs to Jake now.