Friday, June 12, 2009

Crystal's Swan

Sometimes you get the coolest things in the mail. Last week I got a package from my friend Crystal. In it was a beautiful swan that she had carved. Crystal found the pattern in a book by Lora S. Irish. Lora has several books on all kinds of patterns and a lot of these patterns make great leather projects. (I guess that's why Tandy Leather Factory carries several of her books). Crystal asked if I had any tips on how to carve the swan and I figured the easiest way to do that was to actually carve it and take some pictures. I used the pictures and wrote up a lesson and posted it on I've since posted the carving part of the lesson on my website, but haven't got the coloring part on there yet. I really enjoyed working on this project. Requests like this give me an opportunity to work on things that I normally wouldn't pick as a project myself. Crystal did a really AWESOME job on carving and coloring the swan. I'm so impressed with how this turned out. After seeing this, you could never tell how nervous she was to attempt carving feathers. Thanks Crystal for this wonderful gift!
Here's a picture of my attempt at carving the swan.

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