Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A gift from my friend

While I was in Sheridan, I got a really cool gift from my friend Kathy Flanagan. It will be a nice addition to my slowly growing collection of leather art. Kathy and I decided a couple years ago that we were going to do a carving for each other, and we both got stuck on our projects. Kathy said she messed up the painting on hers, but obviously she has figured out how to fix it. I really love how it turned out! Now I suppose I have to dig my project out of the drawer it's been sitting in and figure out how to finish it for her. Kathy also gave me another project back that we are working on together. It's not done yet, so nobody gets to see it yet.
Since this is my first post about Kathy, I'm not even going to pick on her, boy does that take a lot of will power!!!
Thanks Kathy!!! I'll try really hard to make your's turn out as good as the one you made for me.

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